To MEER KÂZIM, DÂROGHA at MUSCAT, same Date. (24th April.)

THREE letters from you, accompanied by two statements of your receipts and disbursements, have passed under our view.

You have done well, in buying and lading on our ships, rock-salt,* instead of sapphires.*

For the future, you will, in like manner, send rock-salt instead of sapphires.

The carpenters [or ship-wrights] at Muscat construct very excellent Dows and Dingies. You must advance to four or five of these carpen­ters whatever money they may require for their expences, and dispatch them to the port of Mangalore.

The factory of Muscat is placed under the authority of Ghûlâm Mahommed, the Aumil of Mangalore: you are, therefore, to conduct all affairs according to his directions, and not to require our orders in any case.

Send some young date-trees,* with persons skilled in the management of them, to the Presence. Buy all the sulphur you can, and lading it on our vessels, dispatch the same from time to time.*

Ghûlâm Ali Khân, Shâh Noorûllah, &c. have, by our orders, pro­ceeded to Constantinople, by the way of Muscat. Advise us, in due time, of their arrival.

You must take care and sell the sandal wood, black pepper, rice, and cardamums, belonging to us, to the best advantage, sending an account of your sales and purchases regularly to Ghûlâm Mahommed.

The accounts of receipts and disbursements, which you sent, are arrived. [This had been already mentioned, in the beginning of the present letter].

Saffron is the produce of Persia. Procure and send us some of the seed of it.

Get the Dullâl [broker] to write to his agents in different places, to collect silk-worms, and persons acquainted with the manner of rearing them: and [having procured them] let them be dispatched to us.*

Procuring, moreover, some [pearl] divers from Bahrein and Hoor­mûz; and making them whatever advances they may require for their expences, dispatch them hither, together with their families.

Sending, likewise, to Rûstakh, and getting from thence five large asses, dispatch them to us.

We have received your account of the occurrences of that quarter and of Persia. Continue to make similar communications.

We have given directions to Ghûlâm Mahommed [the Aumil of Man­galore] to sell rice, &c. to every merchant producing a certificate [chitty] from you.


It will probably have been observed by the reader, that several of the Sultan’s former orders are repeated in the foregoing letter, for the second, and some of them for the third time. He will, hereafter, be seen to reiterate them again.

It may be inferred, from the seventh paragraph of the present letter, that the embassy to Constantinople had, at this time, actually departed from Mangalore.