To MAHOMMED ABDÛLLAH, CUTWÂL of the Army; dated 4th
AHMEDY. (9th April.)

ONE thousand two hundred and-forty two bullocks, belonging to the Usud-Ithye Kôthy,* and six hundred bullocks, belonging to the powder-magazine, are appointed to be sent to pasture,* where you must provide for their being fed with thick milk,* at the daily allowance of a full seer* to every bullock. The [necessary] cowherds must be made to remain along with them at the pasturage, for the purpose of serving the curds; for which you are to take a regular receipt from them [i. e. from the cowherds].


It is probable, that the bullocks, here enumerated, were intended to be employed on the expedition now meditated by the Sultan against Adoni; and as his move­ment thither was intended to be very sudden and rapid, the cattle selected for the occasion would, of course, be previously brought into the best condition possible. Thick, or curdled milk, is, I believe, considered in India as particularly heartening to oxen.