To BUDRÛZ ZUMÂN KHÂN; dated 28th EEZIDY. (5th March.)

WHAT you write, concerning the death of five hundred Koorgs from the small-pox, is understood. The whole country [thereabouts] is covered with underwood.* They [i. e. the Koorgs] must be kept where the climate [literally, the water and air] may best agree with them.

N.B. Two or three letters appear about this time, containing directions for collecting gram (for the consumption of twelve thousand stable-horse) in the direc­tion of Bangalore, Chinroydoorg, Ruttungeery, and Sumrputn (Bulhâry). These orders, which also announce the early approach of the Sultan, were, no doubt, preparatory to the rapid movement which he was now probably meditating against Adoni.