To CHISHTY YÂR KHÂN; dated 11th EEZIDY. (16th February.)

YOUR letter has passed under our view. You represent, “that sensi­ble [i. e. duly qualified] Turufdârs* are not to be procured at the “monthly wages of one pagoda, and that the proper and faithful exe­cution of the public service cannot be expected from men receiving “only a pagoda a month: you, therefore, propose, with our permission, “to authorize the different Aumils to make some little increase in the “monthly pay of the persons in question.” Let the monthly wages of the Turufdârs of the Taalûks [or districts] under you be fixed at what you may judge proper and necessary to their subsistence, to the end that the business of the Sircar may be performed in the best manner.