To BUDRÛZ ZUMÂN KHÂN; dated 8th EEZIDY. (13th February.)

YOUR two letters, with the enclosed memorandums of the Nâimâr [or Nair] captives, have been received You did right in causing a hundred and thirty-five* of them to be circumcised, and in putting eleven of the youngest of these into the Usud Ilhye band [or class], and the remain­ing ninety-four into the Ahmedy troop,* consigning the whole, at the same time, to the charge of the Kilaadâr of Nugr. You must give strict orders to the said Kilaadâr, to take the utmost care of these people, so that they shall not perish.*

N.B. There follow here some unimportant (and not very intelligible) orders, respecting certain defaulters and others, subject to the jurisdiction of Budrûz Zumân Khân.


It appears from this, and some other passages, that the Sultan, as if pluming himself particularly on the institution of the two troops, or corps, of Ahmedies and Usud Ilhyes, was extremely attentive to every thing relating to their proper care and management. I am uncertain whether these corps continued in existence at the period of his death; but it is probable they did, as they are mentioned in documents of a recent date.