To RÂJAH RÂM CHUNDUR; dated 3d EEZIDY. (8th February.)

YOUR letter has been received. You write, “that you were about to “issue to the eighty men of the Nâimâr tribe,* who had been incorpo­rated into the Usud Ilhyes, the regulated rations,* and other ad­vances, for their separate expences, from the date of our orders onthe subject; but that Syed Peer [the Kilaadâr] furthermore demanded “certain arrears of pay and rations, due to them previously to thatperiod.” The aforesaid Kilaadâr is deprived of his understanding [or has lost his wits]. The rations, and other allowances, are to be paid to the men in question, from the date of our orders [on the subject].