(5th February.)

YOUR letter has been received* ........ You write, “that keeping “in view [or looking to nothing else than] the proper execution of the “public business,* you make no distinction of persons, and labour only “to approve your zeal for our service, and to discharge the obligations of “fidelity; but that [nevertheless], owing to your evil destiny,* these “circumstances have not been made known to us by the superintendants “and Hurkârehs of the post [or intelligence] department there [i. e.Bangalore].”

It is comprehended. Your respectability and integrity are [duly] impressed on our mind, and, therefore, did we appoint you to your present situation. The aforesaid superintendant and Hurkârehs are employed to write the intelligence of that place; how is it possible, then, that they should do otherwise than represent the actual truth to us?*

You moreover state, “that the circumstance of your inspecting the “accounts of the receipts and issues of the Athouny,* and examining “the same justly, and according to the rules prescribed in the regula­tions [whereby a certain saving or advantage arises to the Sircar], “having rendered your interference* extremely disagreeable to them “[i. e. to the Athouny], they had, in consequence, misrepresented you “to us.*” It is revealed. Whenever, by means of a reference to the regulations, any saving [or deduction] can be fairly made in the receipts and issues of the Athouny, you must fearlessly carry the same into effect.

Your account of a certain person, who is extremely well versed in the affairs of that country, and who is ready to undertake the realization of the balance of eight lacks of pagodas [due from it], as well as an augmentation of two or three lacks on the present revenue, is fully un­derstood. By the favor of God the Helper, our lofty standards will shortly be removed thither [i. e. to Bangalore], when we will enquire into this matter. What more shall we write?