To BUDRÛZ ZUMÂN KHÂN; dated 13th of YOOSÛFY. (19th January.)

DIRECTING him to crucify the miscreant* Moona Kool, and to send for his family, and keep them confined in irons.

If the nephew of Moona Kool should be more than twenty-five years of age, to crucify him also.

Two hundred of the followers of Moona Kool to be made Ahmedies, and put into the......* Risâla lately dispatched [from hence] and now arrived [at Nugr.]

You* yourself must also proceed to Nugr, together with the troops under your command; and, repairing to the second Dewân of Nugr, who is [at this time] at Seo-Kullah,* there make a settlement of your accounts [with him].


There is no trace, in any of the documents in my possession, of the manner in which the person of the unfortunate Moona Kool was finally secured; but the instructions given at different times, regarding him, make it sufficiently probable, that the object was attained by some foul or treacherous means.