To the actual and future AUMILS of the port of CALICUT; dated 10th
YOOSÛFY. (16th January.)

BE it known, that in consideration of the devotion and attachment to our government of the refuge of commerce,* Mâo Saith, son of Râo Saith, Dullâl [or broker], an inhabitant of Muscat, we have, at this time, [agreed to] remit the customary anchorage duty, heretofore paid to us, in favour of five Dingies of his [about to import at Calicut]: you will, therefore, on the production of a letter [or certificate] from the above-mentioned Dullâl, [purporting that the said Dingies are his], re­frain from demanding the aforesaid established duty [of forty rupees per Dingy] on the [five] Dingies in question. Consider this as a peremp­tory order.