To MEER MOAAINÛDDEEN; dated 7th and 10th of YOOSÛFY.
(13th and 16th January.)

BY the favor of the Almighty and the assistance of the Prophet, we have arranged and adjusted the affairs of the Taalûk of Zufeerâbâd in the most suitable [and satisfactory] manner; the tribe of Koorgs, to the number of fifty thousand men and women,* having been made captives, and incorporated with the Ahmedy class.

Having accomplished this object, we returned prosperously and victoriously to the seat of empire* at Putn, on the 11th of Yoosûfy of the year Jullo. This being an event calculated to give strength to the people of Islâm,* we wish that brother all joy on the auspicious occasion.

The advance* of our victorious standards is positively fixed for the 12th of Yoosûfy [18th January]: we therefore write, to desire that you will march and join us, with the forces under your command [without delay].

MEMORANDUM. Three other letters, to the above effect (but to whom addressed is not said), were dispatched by the post.


There is manifestly some error in one or other of the dates given in the fore­going letter, to which two different dates (viz. the 7th and 10th Yoosûfy) are assigned: for what reason I know not, unless it be to denote that it was dispatched in duplicate, one copy on the 7th, by an especial messenger, and the other on the 10th, by the post. But if these dates are correct, that one which purports, that the return of the Sultan to Seringapatam actually took place on the 11th Yoosûfy, must, of necessity, be wrong. It is equally certain, that at whatever time he arrived there from Zufeerâbad, he did not march again from thence on the 12th of Yoosûfy (as here stated to be his intention), since we know, from Letter CCXII, that he was still at his capital on the 23d of that month. I regret that I do not possess the means of rectifying these mistakes, which, however, are fortunately of no material consequence.

I cannot, at this moment, ascertain who Moaainûddeen was: but the cir­cumstance of his being stiled brother by the Sultan, makes it probable that he was a kinsman of the latter.