To RUNMUST KHÂN; dated 7th YOOSÛFY. (13th January.)

IN consideration of the friendship and regard [subsisting between us], we abated four lacks of rupees, of the eleven lacks justly due to us, as Paishcush, from that friend. Having thus fixed the balance payable to us at seven lacks of rupees, we some time ago announced the same to you. Râjah Dhurram Doss, and Khâjeh Lûtfûllah, having hereupon made an earnest representation to us of your [pecuniary] difficulties, we were induced to agree to a further remission of fifty thousand rupees, hereby reducing our demand to six lacks and a half, exclusive of twenty-five thousand rupees, on account of the ......* of a former year. The amount was thus finally settled at 6,75,000 rupees, for the discharge of which the two before-mentioned persons entered into two distinct engage­ments; by one of which it was stipulated, that 3,75,000 rupees should be paid by the 5th Jumâd ûl Ouwul, A. H. 1200; and by the other, that a further sum of 3,75,000 rupees should be paid by the 20th of Rujub of the same year. These two persons having taken leave of us, will [we trust] reach you in safety.

With respect to our relinquishing the districts belonging to that friend, and sequestered by us, orders to that effect have been addressed* to the Dewân and Buktshy of Fyze-Hisâr [Gooty] and delivered to the afore­said persons [i. e. Dhurrum Doss and Lûtfûllah]. What friendship requires is, that the before-mentioned money should be paid, agreeably to the engagements referred to above, in order that the foundations of attachment may acquire strength and firmness. An elephant and a Mehtâby* dress are sent, in token of our regard. Always make us glad and happy by the receipt of your friendly letters.