To BUDRÛZ ZUMÂN KHÂN; same Date. (4th January.)

YOU must first proceed to Nelaiser [Neelahser], and encamping there with Leshtia,* make some delay, on pretext of looking after Sooma, the Tul-Cauvery man. You will then invite Moona Kool, who, together with his nephew, went some time ago to visit Leshtia and Rooe Wurm Nâg, once more to come and see you; when you must make prisoners of himself, his nephew, and whatever followers may be with him, and report the same [immediately] to us. If a further force should become necessary, write and send for Urshud Baig and Bunkia,* and when the business is settled, let them return to their respective stations. We have sent the requisite orders, on this occasion, to both the above-mentioned officers. You must, by every possible trick and contrivance, secure the person of the aforesaid rebel.* The above-mentioned officers will remain where they now are till you send for them. If you should be able to do without them,* let them know it, in order that they may repair to their proper stations.

N.B. The letter to Urshud Baig Khân, referred to in the preceding dispatch, follows next in the manuscript; but is omitted here, as superfluous.