To ALI RÂJAH BEEBY; same Date. (16th December.)

WE have received your letter by Fukhrûddeen, who has also expatiated to us upon your situation. The custom of the world is this. Servants and dependants hold themselves [at all times] prepared for the performance of services; the execution of orders; obedience and fidelity. Many times have we written to that lady of chaste degree* on the subject of repairing to our Presence; in reply to which you have continually brought forward evasions and excuses, and still continue to do the same. In this case, what is to be done? Be yourself the judge.

Rooe Wurm-râj, who presented himself before us, was honored with a grant of the farm of the Taalûk of Cherkul, and with other gifts. If you [in like manner] had come [to us], agreeably to our orders, you [also] would assuredly have experienced our bounteous favour. You will learn the remaining [or further] particulars from the letter of Fukhrûd­deen.