(15th December.)

YOUR two letters, of the 16th and 19th of Hydery [23d and 24th November] have been received, and what you state, respecting the mis­conduct of the Brahmens, is known. That you should have suffered men, subject to your authority, to act so presumptuously, and not have put a stop to the business by scourging and punishing them well, must be owing to your great age. Let them still be immediately placed under a guard near you; and give strict orders, that they be not allowed the least egress without permission.

You write, “that you have separately examined each of them, and “that one lays the blame on another.” [Instead of this] let them be separately flogged: and then, after [duly] interrogating them, let each man write down his statement [of the matter] with his own hand. Let their names, moreover, be reported to us.

Urgent, or very particular dispatches, must be always forwarded by a pair of Hurkârehs, and not by the post, which will soon be discon­tinued.*

The message which you communicated to us from Unund Râo Râsta has been received, and you will give such answer to him as we shall hereafter direct.

You did right, in taking to Râo Râsta the [pieces of] cloth, and other customary gifts, on occasion of the marriage. But wherefore did you take, and why do you continue to take, the Mûtusuddies [i. e. the Brah­mens so often mentioned] along with you to Râo Râsta’s house? It is owing to such folly as this, on your part, that they have become so presumptuous. You should take with you [on such occasions] none but a few Hurkârehs.

The gifts from the two shrines, together with your memorandum of the counterpanes, are arrived. [See Letter CLXVII.]