To MEER KÂZIM; dated 2d TÛLOOEY. (9th December.)

THE first sort of sandal wood you must sell at the rate of one hundred and twenty pagodas the candy; the second sort at one hundred pagodas; the third sort at ninety pagodas; the fourth sort at eighty pagodas; and black pepper at eighty pagodas the candy. You must not sell them at any other [i. e. not at less] prices than these. If you should have to keep them even for a year or two, it will not signify. Take care that you buy your sulphur and copper cheaply. Purchases of gold [bullion] and lead are not required. Buy and send yearly thirty maunds of pistachio-nuts, two hundred maunds of almonds, and fifteen maunds of Monukkas* without seeds [or stones]. Go to Hûrmûz, and buy there large rolling [i. e. perfectly round] pearls: small pearls are not wanted.


It is uncertain whether the pistachio-nuts, almonds, and raisins, here ordered to be procured, were designed for the Sultan’s own consumption, or as articles of trade, to be retailed in the shops, of which some account has already appeared.