To KHÂJEH SETH, KHÂJEH HERÂTOON,* and two others, (names
illegible); dated 19th HYDERY. (26th November.)

WE have lately learned from Khâjeh ———, “that you have it in con­templation to come, with ships laden with merchandize, to our ports, “for the purpose of trading; and that you wish to sail under English “or Portuguese colours, and to obtain our special license* for these “purposes.” We highly approve of your intention, and desire you will repair, in the utmost confidence, with your merchandize, either to the port of Mangalore or to the port of Calicut; where landing your goods, you shall, in the first instance, supply us, at a fair price, with such articles as we may want, after which you shall be at liberty to sell the remainder at your pleasure, and to take your departure when you like.

We have accordingly written, and herewith enclose, two Purwânehs to the above effect: one of them to Urshud Baig Khân, the Foujdâr of Calicut, and the other to Ghûlâm Hyder, the Aumil of Mangalore; to either of which ports you may resort, as you shall think proper.

N.B. Then follow the two Purwânehs, referred to in the foregoing letter. In these, the Sultan directs an invoice, or list, of the goods imported, to be trans­mitted to him on the arrival of the ships; in order that he may signify his pleasure respecting the articles which he may wish to purchase, previously to a free and general sale of the cargoes taking place. It does not appear by the subsequent correspondence, whether or not the merchants, in question, thought proper to open a trade with Mysore, on the discouraging condition stipulated by the Sultan.