To BÛRHÂNÛDDEEN; dated 13th ZUBURJUDY. (22d October.)

DIRECTING him again* to remove with his army into the Kittoor country, and to report to the Sultan the state of affairs in that quarter Telling him, also, that after receiving an order from the Presence, he must be careful to act in conformity with it.


The concluding sentence of the foregoing abridged dispatch is somewhat am­biguously expressed in the original. It might either have been meant as a rebuke, for the general’s not having marched to Kittoor, in pursuance of the former orders for that purpose; or it may have signified, that he was to be prepared to execute such future directions as the Sultan might send him immediately upon the receipt of the same, (contemplating, probably, the subsequent orders of the subject of Kitloor.)* I incline to prefer the latter interpretation.