To KUMRÛDDEEN KHÂN; dated 9th ZUBURJUDY. (18th October.)

DESIRING him to repair with his army, as expeditiously as possible, to the Presence: and signifying, that the design of reducing Adoni was dropped.


This dispatch was not in my recollection, at the time of my writing my obser­vations on Letter XCII, or I should have been inclined to refer the weighty enterprize, there spoken of by the Sultan, to a meditated attack upon Adoni, with more confidence than I then thought it right to do. It now clearly appears, that this enterprize had certainly been in his contemplation, previously to the date of the foregoing letter, and very probably as far back as the end of July. Why the attempt was dropped at this time, cannot now be satisfactorily shown: but it is not improbable, that the necessity which arose, for his directing his attention to the Koorg quarter, might have obliged the Sultan to suspend the execution of his purpose for some time longer.