To BUDEEA ÛZ ZUMÂN, TAALÛKDÂR of HÛSCOTAH; dated 6th WÂSAAEY. (15th September.)

YOU write, “that in consequence of the Cutwâl being included in “the pay abstracts of the Kundachâr, the Kilaadâr of Hûscotah “[conceiving the office to be in his disposal] had placed a very low “and improper person in the Cutwâly, to the great detriment of the “business of your department.” It is known. The appointment and removal of the Cutwâl rests with you: you will, therefore, replace [as you propose] the former Cutwâl, and taking the payment of his monthly stipend upon yourself, see that he applies himself with diligence to the business of the Sircar. We have written to the aforesaid Kilaadâr on the subject of the Cutwâl, whose appointment, we have told him, is to depend upon you.