To the same; dated 26th HÂSHIMY. (6th September.)

YOU write, “that having collected together some baskets, you have “begun the passage of the Tungbudra, and daily cross some part of “your army.” You also mention, “that a Vakeel and Hurkâreh “belonging to the Kunnek-geery man, accompanied by a banker’s “Gomâshteh,* had waited on you, and acknowledged the justice of our “claims upon that Zemindâr: [in consequence of which] you had [at “their desire] detached a Risâla of Jyshe, and a Risâla of Sair cavalry, “to chastise Eeri Nâik, a Polygar dependant on the said Zemindâr, but “who had [recently]revolted against his authority.”

It is known. We approve of your having made this detachment, and direct that, on its return, the troops composing it be likewise made to cross the river, and proceed [hither] with you.

We some time ago dispatched money for the payment of the troops commanded by that light of our eyes. This money is arrived at Dhârwâr, whither you must send an escort to bring it to you.