To KUMRÛDDEEN KHÂN; dated 24th HÂSHIMY. (4th September.)

WE approve of your having sent Shaikh Unser’s Kushoon to join Bûrhânûddeen.

You write respecting a supply of money for the pay of your troops. At present we have taken up our residence, with a small retinue,* at Bangalore: we are, consequently, unable to supply you from hence;* but have sent necessary orders for the purpose to our treasury at Serin­gapatam............* We enclose a Purwâneh to the Zemindâr of Annagoondy, directing him to supply you with baskets* and boat-men, and otherwise to assist you in crossing your army at the Kûmply Ghaut.*

Another Purwâneh is enclosed for the Aumil of Hurriâl, directing him also to send baskets and boatmen for you to the same Ghaut. Join us speedily with your army, and make no delay.