To the same; dated 4th HÂSHIMY. (15th August.)

YOUR longer continuance there is destitute of graciousness [or dig­nity].* The dishonour arising from your residing there, upon this unhandsome footing,* is now become manifest: you must, therefore, at any rate, repair to the Presence.


As the Sultan would not appear to have received any fresh dispatch from the envoys, between the 3d and 4th of Hâshimy, it may be supposed, that the direc­tions contained in the present letter (revoking, in a certain degree, those of the former day) arose from a reconsideration of the subject; which probably, for a moment, revived his indignation at the behaviour of the Mahrattah ministers. I say, for a moment, in reference to the counter-orders which soon followed.