To KUMRÛDDEEN; dated 26th DÂRÂEY. (8th August.)

YOU write, “that on the day following [the date of your letter], “or the 22d of Dârâey, the enemy were to evacuate the place, when, “having put a garrison of ours into it, you would report the same to “us.”

Having got the besieged to evacuate the fort on terms, and having placed a garrison of our troops in it, let the Piâdehs, &c. who composed the enemy’s garrison, be set at liberty, according to the capitulation: but Kâlâ Pundit, and three of the most opulent bankers, together with all the Brahmens and Mûtusuddies of any consideration (to whatever class or description they may belong) must be placed in confinement, and most carefully guarded, and the same be reported to us.