To MEER MOYENÛDDEEN KHÂN; dated 19th DÂRÂEY. (1st August.)

YOUR letter, written in the Hindivy character, and informing us that there was a prospect of Budl Nâig’s coming in to you, has been received and understood. When the said Nâig arrives, you must confront him with Tummycoor,* and after establishing his guilt, and placing him under a guard, tell him, “that you will release him, provided he sends “for his family.” Having induced him, by means of this artifice, to send for his family, you must put the whole of them in confinement, and make a report of the circumstances to us.


The instances of the Sultan’s treacherous and unprincipled conduct, in his negociations, multiply so fast, as to make it difficult to avoid the appearance of sameness and repetition, in the remarks to which they naturally give rise; I shall, in future, therefore, instead of obtruding my sentiments, leave the reader to his own reflections on such occasions.