Continuation of the family of Timūr to the present time, with the contemporary Kings of England.

Timūr, Richard II. and Henry IV.
Rulers of Ferghanā,
Myran Hussyn, Henry IV.
Muhammed Myrza, Henry V.
Abū Saied, Henry VI.
Omer Shykh, Edward IV.
Moghul Emperors of Hindūstān.
Baber, Henry VII.
Humayūn, Henry VIII.
Akber, Elizabeth.
Jehangyr, James I.
Shāh Jehān, Charles I.
Aalumgyr, Charles II.
Behader Shāh, William III.
Ferrukhsyr, Anne.
Muhammed Shāh, George I.
Aalumgyr II. George II.
Shāh Aalum, George III.
Akber Shāh, George IV.

N. B. This is not meant to be a minute statement, but merely to give a general outline of the subject.