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Syed Mahmūd, commonly known by the name of Geesū Derāz, (long hair) became a very celebrated Saint in Hindūstan; his tomb yet exists in the vicinity of Kulberga, in the Dekhan, and is still resorted to by numerous Muhammedan pilgrims. He wrote several treatises on Sūfyism, four of which are described in the Catalogue of Tippoo Sultān’s Library, No. 17 to 20.

I take the opportunity of mentioning, that although Muhammed declared that he would have no monks in his religion, yet it abounds with more orders of them under the denomination of Fakeers, Dervishes, and Sūfies, than exist in any Catholic country, and the number of Saints equals that in the Roman Kalen­dar. The tenets of the Sūfies resemble those of the Mystics and Quietists of Europe. The Shykhs or Presidents of these monasteries are supposed to pos­sess a prescience of events, and some of them the power of performing miracles.