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Shykh (Sudder Addyn) Sefy was rendered famous by his posterity; he as­serted that he was descended from Aly, son-in-law of Muhammed, and resided in the city of Ardebil, province of Azerbijān, and was reputed as a Saint. Tamerlane held him in such esteem, that at his request he gave him all the captives that he had taken in Asia Minor.

All these captives who owed their lives and liberty to the Shykh, evinced the greatest gratitude to him, and cultivated his friendship by rich presents, and frequently visiting him, in such a manner, that his reputation rose very high; he left several children, who became very powerful.

It was from Shykh Sefy that the royal family of Sophys of Persia were descended.

D’Herbelot, Bibliothèque Oriental.