The Mulfuzāt Timūry
(Autobiographical Memoirs)
of the Moghul Emperor Timūr
Title Page
Dedication iii
Preface v
Introduction xv
Preface to the Persian Translation 1
Book I. Tezūkāt
Chapter I 3
Book IV. Mulfuzāt
Chapter I 4
Chapter II 6
Chapter III 9
Chapter IV 11
Chapter V 13
Chapter VI 15
Chapter VII 18
Book V. Commencement of the History
Chapter I 21
Chapter II 25
Chapter III 27
Chapter IV 31
Chapter V 34
Chapter VI 43
Chapter VII 46
Chapter VIII 49
Chapter IX 52
Chapter X 54
Chapter XI 60
Chapter XII 63
Chapter XIII 66
Chapter XIV 73
Chapter XV 76
Chapter XVI 84
Chapter XVII 86
Chapter XVIII 91
Chapter XIX 94
Chapter XX 96
Chapter XXI 99
Chapter XXII 105
Chapter XXIII 108
Chapter XXIV 112
Chapter XXV 117
Chapter XXVI 119
Chapter XXVII 125
Book VI
Chapter I 133
Chapter II 135
Chapter III 138
Chapter IV 140
Chapter V 145
Chapter VI 148
Chapter VII 150
Chapter VIII 152
Appendix I
Appendix II
Appendix III
Appendix IV
Appendix V
Appendix VI
Appendix VII
Appendix VIII
Appendix IX
Appendix X
Appendix XI
Appendix XII
Appendix XIII
The Preface of the Editor to the Mulfuzāt Timūry
Report of the Proceedings of the Third Annual Meeting of the Subscribers to the Oriental Translation Fund