Story of the Drop of Honey.

IT has been related to me that there was a hunter, who chased every species of wild animals. One day in his excursion to the mountains, he found a hollow in the rocks, full of honey, with which he filled a vessel he had with him, and returned to the city. He chanced to stop at the door of an oil-merchant, when a little of the honey happening to drop, the mer­chant's cat licked it up, and was killed by the hunter's dog.* Upon this, the merchant killed the dog, at which the hunter was enraged, and having wounded the merchant, went to his quarter, and raised his friends. The merchant also raised his friends, and when the parties met, they fought till they were all destroyed—for the sake of a drop of honey. [25]

[I have also heard, continued the third vazīr, among instances of female artifice, the