State of the Empire.

THE imperial throne was made resplen­dent, and obtained new vigour, by the accession of his angelic Majesty, the second Gemshid,* the monarch of the land and of the sea, the reviver of religion, the ornament of the throne, the conqueror of the world, the victorious emperor. — May God illu­mine the place of his repose!* And the Goorgany* diadem of victory gained splen­dour, and additional value, by being placed on the august brow of that bright star of the mansion of felicity, the exalter of the umbrella* of sovereignty.

Alumgeer* began his reign with gaining the hearts of all his subjects, and arranging the grand affairs of religion and of the state; he next possessed himself of every part of the empire, and settled the revenues; after which he turned his ambitious thoughts on conquest, and resolved to subdue the Dekhan,* which, in extent of territory, in the grandeur of its cities, and in the number of it’s inhabitants, is only exceeded by Hindostan.

He appointed Assad Khan,* the grand vizier* to govern during his absence, and marched to the Dekhan, accompanied by his son Mohammed Azem Shah,* together with Zulfecar Khan* son of Assad Khan, and many others of the nobility.

This expedition engaged him twelve years, at the end of which time he possessed himself of the important fortress of Golconda,* and took prisoner Abul Hassan Tanna Shah,* together with Sewa* and Sumbha,* the two Marhattah* chiefs of Sattarah Gurh;* and annexed their dominions to the empire.

Whilst the emperor was engaged in the Dekhan, insurrections took place in different parts of the empire. The Soobahs of Kandahar* and Bedakshan* absolutely shook off the yoke, and were both irrecoverably lost.