THE Frontispiece is a portrait of Shaikh Muslihu-d-dín Sa'dí Shírází, by a Persian artist, from a picture in the Haftán, built by Vakíl Karím Khán in 1775-79.

The Haftán, near Shíráz, is an enclosure 33 by 110 yards, con­taining the graves of seven darveshes whose names are unknown; and an 'imárat, or edifice, in which are two oil-portraits—one of Sa'dí, half life-size, over the door on the west side; and the other of Háfiz, in a niche, over the door on the east side.

The bowl in Sa'dí's hand is called “Kashkúl,” or alms-bowl.

For a full description of this picture see Vol. I. of Binney's “Travels in Persia.”

Through the kindness of Mr. J. J. Fahie, of the Persian Telegraph Department, this copy of the picture was obtained for this work.