If knower and known are both the One pure essence,
What are the aspirations in this handful of dust?*


415 Be not thankless for the grace of “The Truth,”
For it is by the light of “The Truth” that you know “The Truth:”*
Besides Him is no knower or known, Be sure,
Nevertheless the dust draws heat from the sun.*
It is not strange that the motes of dust have hope,*
And desire for the sun's heat and light.
Call to mind the state and circumstance of your creation,
For thence will you learn the root of your thought.
To whom said God, ‘Am not I your Lord?’*
Who was it who then answered ‘Yea?’
420 On that day when He ‘kneaded the clay,’*
He wrote by grace the faith on the heart.
If you will read forthwith that writing,*
You will understand whatsoever you desire.
Last night you tied the knot of the “covenant of service,”*
But have now forgotten it through ignorance;
And therefore the word of “The Truth” was sent down*
To recall to your mind that primeval covenant.
If you have seen “The Truth” at the beginning,
You may see Him again in this place.
425 In this place behold His attributes to-day,
That you may behold His essence to-morrow.*
And if you cannot, yet be not cast down,
Go, hearken to the text ‘Thou canst not direct.’*


He that is born blind believes not what you say of colours,
Though you show him instances and proofs for a century.
White and yellow and red and dark and light green
Are to him naught but darkest black.
See the evil plight of one blind from his birth,
Can he ever gam sight from the physician's eye salve?
430 Reason cannot see the state of the world to come,
As a man born blind cannot see things in this world.
But in addition to reason man has a certain faculty,*
Whereby he perceives hidden mysteries.
Like fire in flint and steel,
God has placed this faculty in man's soul and body;
When that flint and steel are struck together,*
The two worlds are illumined by the flash!
From that collision is this mystery made clear,
Now you have heard it, go and attend to your Self.
435 Your Self is a copy made in the image of God,*
Seek in your Self all that you desire to know.*