What is that part which is greater than its whole?
What is the way to find that part?


635 Know Absolute Being is that part which is greater than its whole,
The whole is actual being, which is the universe.*
Actual being bears plurality on its outside,*
For it contains unity only inwardly.
Every actual being is manifested through plurality,
For this is as a veil of its unity part.
Though this whole is to outward aspect many,
It is smaller in quantity than its own part.*
But in fine actual existence is not Necessary,
For actual existence is a vassal of Necessary Being.
640 This whole has not real absolute being,
For it is as a contingent accident of Reality.
The existence of this whole is both plural and single,
And it appears as plural through its plural aspect.
Actual being is contingent, for it is a conjunction,*
The contingent is ever hastening of itself to not being.
In every part of this whole, as it becomes non-existent,
This whole itself is becoming non-existent on its contingent side.
The world is this whole, and in every ‘twinkling of an eye,’
It becomes non-existent and “endures not two moments.”
645 Then over again another world is produced,
Every moment a new heaven and a new earth.*
Every moment it is a youth and an old man,
Every moment it is gathered and dispersed.
Things remain not in it two moments,
The same moment they perish, they are born again.
But this is not the great resurrection day,*
This is the day of works, that the ‘day of faith.’
Between this and that is a great difference, Beware!
In ignorance make not yourself entangled.
650 Open your eyes to see amplification and epitome,*
Behold hour, day, month and year.


If you desire to understand this mystery,
Consider how you also have both life and death.
Of every thing in the world above or below*
An exemplar is set forth in your soul and body.
Like you the world is a specific person,
You are to it a soul, and it is a body to you.
Death occurs to man in three sorts;*
The one every moment is that due to his nature;*
655 Of the other two, know one is the death of his will,
The third death is that compulsory on him.
And as death and life answer to one another,
His life is of three sorts in three stages.*
The world has not the death of will,
For you alone of all creatures have this death.
But every moment the world is changed,
And its last state becomes like to its first.
And whatever will be seen in the world at the last day,
Will be also seen in you in your death agony.
660 Your body is as earth, your head as heaven,
Your senses as stars, your soul as the sun.
Your bones are as the mountains, for they are hard,
Your hair as plants, and your limbs as trees.
On the day of death your body with contrition
Will ‘tremble’ like the earth on the day of doom.*
Brain will be confounded and soul darkened,
Your senses will become dim like the stars,*
Your pores will run with sweat like the rivers,
You will be drowned therein as a helpless log.
665 In your death agony, O wretched man!
Your bones will become “soft as dyed wool,”*
Leg will be twisted with leg,*
Every friend will be separated from his fellow.*
And when spirit is wholly separated from body,
Your land will be “a level plain, without hills or valleys.”*
In like manner will be the state of the world,
Which you behold in yourself at that hour.
Permanence belongs to “The Truth,” all else is fleeting,
Its whole fabric is set forth in the “seven chapters.”*
670 Which say “all that is on earth is transitory,”*
And show forth “the new creation.”*
Again the constant annihilation and renovation of the two worlds
Are like the creation and resurrection of the sons of Adam.
Continually is creation born again in a new creation,
Though the duration of its life seems long.*
Continually the overflowing bounty of “The Truth”
Is being revealed in His continual “working.”*
On this side the world is renewed and perfected,
On that side it is every moment annihilated.*
675 But when the fashion of this world passes away,
All will be everlasting in the world to come.
For every object which you see of necessity
Contains two worlds, form and reality.
The “union” of the first is true separation,
The other is what endures for ever in Allah.*
Permanence is a name proper to Necessary Being,
But yet the place where Being dwells is also permanent,*
When the manifestors are suitable to what is manifested,
In this world is seen the world to come.*
680 Whatsoever exists in potentiality in this “house,”
Will come into actuality in the world to come.*


Whatever action once proceeds from you,
If you repeat it several times, you become master of it.
Every time you repeat it, be it gain or loss,
One of these two becomes implanted in your soul.
By habit dispositions become habitual,
By length of time fruits gain their savour.
By habitual practice men learn their trades,
By habit they learn to collect their thoughts.
685 All man's ingrained actions and sayings
Will be made manifest at the last day.*
When you are stripped of the garment of this body,*
All your vices and virtues will at once be shown.
A body you will have, but one free from stain,*
In it will be reflected forms as in pure water.
All secrets will be revealed in that place,
Read the text “All secrets shall be searched out.”*
Again, suitably to that special world
Your dispositions will be embodied and personified.
690 Just as in this world from the potentialities of elements
The three kingdoms of nature are produced.*
So all your dispositions in the world of spirits
Will be made manifest now as lights, now as fires.*
Phenomenal limitations will be removed from Being,
Nor height nor depth will remain in sight.*
The death of the body will abide not in the ‘house of life,’*
External form and soul will appear as one stainless entity.
Your head, foot and eye will become as a heart,
Pure from the stain of earthly form.
695 Then the light of “The Truth” will illuminate you,
You will behold face to face “The Truth” Most High.
I know not what intoxication will possess you,
You will scatter in confusion the two worlds.
Consider what means “their Lord gives them to drink,”*
And what is “pure wine”! It is purification from self.
What a draught, what lusciousness, what sweetness!
What bliss, what ecstasy, what intoxication!
O happy moment when we shall quit our “selves”!
When we shall be most rich in utterest poverty!*
700 Without faith or reason, or piety or perception,
Bowed down in the dust, drunken and beside ourselves!
Of what account then will be paradise and houris?*
For no stranger finds entrance to that secret chamber.
When I have seen this vision, and drunk of this cup,
I know not what will come to pass thereafter.
Nay, after all intoxication comes headache,*
This thought again drowns my soul in blood.