Lailî and Majnûn
Title Page
I. Sâki, thou know'st I worship wine;1
II. Mark, where instruction pours upon the mind3
III. The lover from his mistress parted,6
IV. As morning broke, the sun, with golden light,9
V. Sweet Lailî's kinsmen now describe16
VI. Lailî in beauty, softness, grace,21
VII. The gloomy veil of night withdrawn,23
VIII. That day on which she pensive stray'd25
IX. Majnûn, midst wild and solitude,26
X. The minstrel strikes his soft guitar,33
XI. Behold, what clouds of dust emerge35
XII. The Arab poets who rehearse38
XIII. Meantime, the father mourn'd his wretched state,42
XIV. Who wanders near that palmy glade,46
XV. Sweet slumber had diffused the charm of rest49
XVI. O'er Majnûn's spirit, long in darkness cast,55
XVII. Lailî meanwhile had read and seen57
XVIII. Through many a town and bower had spread62
XIX. How beautifully blue65