No.Title of Work.Where to be obtained.Price.
1The Sikandar Náma,e bara, by Shaikh Niámí of Ganja, in three books, the tale of the warring between Sikandar and Dárá.Múnshí Nuwul Kishor, Lakhnau (Lucknow), East India. 11 3/4
2ditto dittoditto ditto5
3ditto dittoditto ditto5
4ditto dittoditto ditto9 3/4
5ditto ditto in plain hand-writing, space left in the middle, marginal notes, glossary.ditto ditto5
6ditto dittoditto ditto9
7The Sikandar Náma,e bara, published in 1812 by order of the Council of Calcutta, by Maulaví Badr 'Alí and Maulaví Husayn 'Alí. ditto ditto
8ditto ditto by Nasíru-'d-Dín.ditto ditto8
9ditto ditto with a commentary (first half) by Muhammad Gulví. ditto ditto12 1/4
10ditto ditto with a commentary (second half) by Muhammad Gulví and others. ditto ditto10 shillings.
11The Sikandar Náma,e bara, text the same as No. 7, bound in calf.Messrs. Bernard Quaritch, 15 Piccadilly, London.30
12ditto ditto the same as No. 7.ditto ditto12
13ditto ditto in Talíḳ cha-racter, on strong Indian paper.ditto ditto10
14The Khamsa,e Niámí,* Per-sian MS., beautifully written, with gilt 'unwán, roval 8vo.ditto ditto10 guineas.
15The Khamsa,e Niámí,* beautifully written in Talíḳ character, Persian binding.ditto ditto7
16ditto ditto* fine MS., on variously tinted papers, with ruled margin.ditto ditto6
17ditto ditto a beautifully written MS., with illuminated 'unwans, and a series of twentyone miniatures.ditto ditto£16