To the footnote add—
738See Sale's Ḳurán, chap. ii., xvi., xxi.
2922art. “Jahl.”
4825chap. ii.
9726chap. xxviii.
10827chap. cviii.
To the footnote add—
23112canto xxxii. 19.
38419canto xxxix. 1.
429101canto xxiv. 51.
4881canto xxii. 19.
50281canto xi. 26; and Numbers xvi.
To the footnote add—
11629See the “Five Great Monarchies of the East,” by Rawlinson.
189147ditto ditto ditto
28350ditto ditto ditto
In the footnote,
12after signifies, insert that.
4167after Alí, insert al.
11529after Ezekiel, insert B.C. 600.
38957after Tabríz, insert (Tauris).
56950after man, insert by order.
In the footnote,
1263substitute stayed for staid.
3843substitute karoh for karsh.
4377substitute Hamdu-llah for Hamd Allah.
9043substitute Iḳbál for Aḳhál.
9511substitute pillars for pillows.
27778substitute crepuscule for corpuscule.
3611substitute 368 for 38.
To the footnote add—
782See an account of Harunu-'r-Rashíd, by Dr. Bacher.
11629See “Pahlaví Texts,” translated by West, 1880.
25958Al Kahira (Cairo) may mean not “victorious,” but the city Kahir (Mars), founded in A.D. 968 by Jauhar when Mars was in the ascendant.
3179The first line may be :—
When the king of Chín admitted arose in the morning.
44325See Derbend-Náma, translated from a select Turkish version. St. Petersburgh, 1851 : Trubner & Co.
416After “eating,” insert a semicolon.
1365Remove the apostrophe before “I should.”
2336Remove the comma after “portion.”
2438Insert a comma after “me.”
3423Instead of “for,” read “by.”
5620After “became,” read “(has become).”
6369Erase “as”; write “so.”
8619Erase “Dah”; write “Dih”.
27035Erase “less”; write “lest.”
329116Erase the comma after “enemy”; read full stop.
3812Erase the semicolon; write a comma.
40025Omit “of” after “wearing” in the footnote.