In description of the Ascension of his highness the chief of created beings.

When the world could not hold his crown*59 his throne was placed upon the ‘Arsh by his Ascent*60.
To raise him from a lowly stage on high came Gabriel to him with (swift) Burāq*61.
He said, Place on the air your earthy feet, in order that the heavens may be your earth*62.
Be for the night of the most sacred house*63, you, to-night guardian of the purest, best*64.
Since I have brought you choicest guardianship, I’ve brought Burāq to you to be your steed*65.
Mount this Burāq which has the lightning’s speed, to-night it is to serve your guardianship*66.
Bring your couch o’er the sphere, you are the moon; let it pass o’er the stars, you are the king*67.
The six directions from (their) seven roots tear, and the nine spheres take down from (their) supports*68.
Make your steed pass “Simāk” upon the sphere*69, and throw your lasso round the angels’ heads*70.
By the locks of your shadow form anew beneath your lofty stage the heavens’ locks*71.
Saints*72 are preoccupied with your affairs; angels*73 expectant of your advent too.
The beauties of the Egypt of this tract, as e’en with Joseph erst, have fallen in love*74.
Arise, that they may glance at you, and cut their palms together with the oranges*75.
This is the night of power, the time of prayer: whatever you demand you will obtain*76.
Renew the angels’ carpet*77, pitch your tent upon the platform of the Throne, the “‘Arsh”*78.
To those who move at night give lamp-like blooms*79; be fresh of visage like the garden-flowers*80.
Give to the “‘Arsh’s” eyes light by your light*81; pass o’er and leave afar the carpet’s tracts*82.
Assume the crown for you’ve become the king; rise above all for you’ve become the head.
Raise up your head to an exalted state, and by an inroad make the two worlds yours*83.
Deliver from the dust (of earth) your path*84, and to the court of Him, Eternal, speed;
So that as meed to you for your approach your standard over both worlds may be borne*85.
After Muḥammad had in secret heard from Gabriel these soul-caressing words,
His intellect made perfect by the words, he put the rings of bondage in his ears*86.
The one, God’s agent in revealing truth; the other, intellect’s in words and lead*87.
Two agents true custodians of one charge: that, far from demons, this, from demon-men.
That one brought faithfully the message given; this one conceived the secret of the words;
And in the darkest night through that bright lamp was sealed with the impression of his wish*88.
That honeyed message heard, he gave his eyes a promise through the medium of his ears.
With eagerness of heart, with soul which craved, that one unique in beauty briskly rose.
He turned not from obedience to those words, so that he gained proximity to God.
Burāq he mounted like a lightning flash: beneath him Arab steed, in hand a whip.
Into the stirrups when he put his feet, Burāq*89, parader o’er the heights, sprang up.
The wings of peacocks from its feet arose; above its head a (radiant) throne-like moon*90.
It flew so (quick) that from that heated flight the vultures four behind it shed their plumes*91.
It passed (straight) over whatso’er it saw*92: the night was spurned, the moon drew in (her) reins*93.
Bewildered at that movement was the sphere*94; through such bewilderment (its head) went round*95.
Imagination pondered how to step; lightning, how from the sheath to draw the sword*96.
The swiftness of the movent intellect, the impulse of the soul to generous deed,
Were lameness when compared with its swift pace; before such breadth of stride they were constrained*97.
Its course reduced the Pole’s career to naught: one moment south, the next ’twas at the north*98.
The fish of that (broad) stream one moment showed the Lancer, at another the Unarmed*99.
When Aḥmad by the dancing of Burāq engaged in crossing this expanse’s tracts*100,
He took the road to the world’s gate*101, (and then) removed (all) distance from the heavens’ sphere*102.
He flew across the stages of the sky, a royal falcon with angelic wings.
He gave the moon in her elliptic course through his endowments verdancy afresh*103.
His hand through silver-working gave a hue (as) from a lead-furnace to Mercury*104.
And from his moon-light brilliancy he drew a veil of mercury o’er Venus fair*105.
Ascending to the throne-room of the sky, he crowned the sun’s head with a golden crown*106.
Like to the Khalif of the West in green*107, he left a glowing countenance to Mars*108.
Finding the head of Jupiter in pain from crown to base, he rubbed on sandal-wood*109.
His foot by Saturn’s crown kissed, Saturn’s flag was planted in the black of ambergris*110.
When (thus) proceeding like the wind of dawn upon a steed, a raging lion (swift),
His comrade from the inroad fell away, Burāq, as well, desisted from its course.
The stage had brought him to a place to which from its (fit) distance Gabriel could go*111.
When Gabriel gave up guidance*112 Aḥmad made a ladder of the lasso, humble prayer.
Beyond the couch of Michael he arose to the watch-tower and trump of Isrāfīl*113.
From Michael, Gabriel, (and Isrāfīl), flew to the shoulder of ‘Azrā’īl, (swift)*114.
Though to the “Sidra” his swift course inclined, he left behind both “Sidra” and “Rafraf”*115.
He left his comrades half-way on the road, and went on towards the sea, unconsciousness*116.
All through that ocean drop by drop he passed; passed over, mote by mote, whate’er he saw*117.
The “‘Arsh’s” pillars having reached, he made a ladder of the lasso, humble prayer*118.
He raised his head above the radiant “‘Arsh” to the divine Arcana’s awful stage*119.
When in the risks of stupefaction*120 lost, God’s mercy came and took the reins in hand*121.
His distance of “two bow-lengths” at that time passed to “or nearer” (then) from “he drew near*122.
Beyond his own existence did he step, so that his seeing God was possible*123.
When thousands he had torn of veils of light, his eyes obtained the Light devoid of veil*124.
The Object of his worship seen with truth, he washed his eyes from everything besides*125.
His eyes in no direction rested there whence salutation, left or right, he heard.
Below, above, before, behind, left, right, were one direction and the six were gone*126.
“Direction’s” unknown to “directionless”: he left “direction” for “Directionless”*127.
When the “Directionless” with fierceness flames, “direction” and the world both take to flight*128.
Until the eyes inveil “direction’s” face, the heart’s perturbed by anxious thought and care*129.
Nought of the Prophet there save breath was left: there was no person left there, all was God*130.
When from the eyes “direction” is concealed, “that which has no direction” ’s clearly seen*131.
How can “direction” compass sight of Him? How can it hold in His encompassing*132?
Without “direction” when the Prophet saw the One, he heard words from no lips or mouth*133.
He took the special drink and special robe; gained pure devotion through proximity*134.
His cupbearer was knowledge, bliss, his cup*135; nothing of all the rest was left to him.
With humble tribute (then) of countless prayers*136 he came down from the summit of that Goal*137.
That which he brought*138 he lavished on his friends: for sinners’ interests made a pious gift.
How long, Nizāmī, worship of the world? Ascend on high, how long this low estate?
Strive you to gain the everlasting realm, which by the Law of Islām you will gain.