In praise of the Lord of Envoys, the seal of the Prophets—May God bless and preserve him!

The centre of the first encircling line; the seal of all creation at the end*29;
Fresh fruit of garden of the seven old spheres*30; of eloquence’ pearl-necklace central pearl*31
Who is save him of God-assisted mind, Aḥmad the Envoy, Prophet of the Lord*32?
Sun of the Sphere Divine, and minister of a pure Spiritual Egypt, he*33.
The leader of all leaders he, in truth; truly deservedly the leader, he.
King of the prophets he by sword and crown—his sword the Law, his crown was the Ascent*34.
Untaught*35, but cause of the first causes, he*36; light of the earth, the shadow of God’s Throne*37.
King of the holy Law, establisher of the (high) throne of lordship o’er the earth*38.
All beings were a means, the aim was he*39; “the Praised” his name*40, his envoyship is praised.
Of the first rose which Adam pressed was he the purest part, but residue the rest*41;
And (at) the last revolving of the sky the address of the conclusion he will read*42.
His orders and his interdicts are just, since wrong he interdicts and orders right.
And then his pride, not pain, in poverty,—note “poverty” with treasure such as his*43!
And then that through him brightest day was shade*44,— but shade, what means it with the sun conjoined*45?
By right divine in kingly power confirmed the strong maintainer of (his) rule was he.
Who rose (in pride), him did he cast down low, but took the hand of him who (lowly) fell.
To those of kindly nature he was kind, but harshly treated evil-natured men.
Here, sword (engaged) with sanguinary rage, there, kindliness on mixing salves (intent).
These were (employed) to comfort the distressed; his sword to punish stoney-hearted men*46.
There where they closed the roadway of the Faith, and tied the thong of hatred round their waists,
Behold! to-day, after so many years, all, (willing), lay the thong upon his drum*47.
Although God chose him out of (all) the world, and made the heavens existent for his sake*48,
His eyes, bright with the salve, “Turned not aside*49, a garden alien to this garden own*50.
The blue-clothed sphere’s ring-holders in their ears wear rings as slaves*51 for servitude to him*52.
Select in root and branch his four friends formed the four walls of the true Faith’s treasure-house*53.
The pure light of his sight, a grace from God—On the creation of him blessings be!
When his (pure) breath poured musk upon the air, fresh dates it scattered from the dry palm-tree.
With soul such that its increase never ends, a body reaching to the sky from earth*54.
This body from that soul possesses life: all are (but) throne, and that is Solomon*55.
His miracles fresh dates to the dry spines; to foes his fresh dates spines—a wondrous thing*56!
His nails split for his fingers in two halves the apple of the (full) moon in his fist*57.
Though cutting to the apple danger bring, it splits in two the nails of enemies*58.
(His) blessing the Creator gave to him, for he the chosen was, the Chooser, God.
On Chooser and on chosen blessings more than the rotations of the azure sphere!