The fifth victim makes (his) complaint.

(Then) the fifth person to the star-king said, You with whose sky-like tent the world is joined*1949,
I, a submissive servant of the king, am a chief officer of revenue*1950.
In the king’s business I, a (humble) slave, by (my) authority adorned the realm*1951.
Under the king’s good fortune God had given blessings and state to me in wealth and rank.
In view of long life for the Eastern king*1952 I gave the world to happiness and joy.
Provision for the road I made of prayers*1953, some good accomplished for the monarch’s sake.
Through me were town and village glad and fresh; the learned (often) had recourse to me.
In aiming to add brightness to the realm I gave each one a pledge of maintenance*1954.
The poor from me had plenteous store of coin, widows had plenty, and their children too*1955.
He who asked gold,—I answered the demand; who fell,— I took his hand to raise him up.
No helpless one remained confined in bonds whom I delivered not from injury.
All that from farmers’ incomes came (to me) was used for the expenses of (my) guests*1956.
Returns, expenditure, as they should be: the people pleased with me, and God content.
When these proceedings reached the vazīr’s ears, he made the cauldron of injustice boil.
He took from me my stewardship and power, and laid his hand upon my wealth and lands.
He said, This wealth is gained not by your work; your gifts suit not such store as you should have.
You’ve made a furnace hot for alchemy, or else in ass-loads*1957 treasure you have found.
Give me, as should be given, my share of it, or I will give your head unto the winds.
(Then), altogether, all the means I had he took away from me by this vain plea.
To end the business, he afflicted me: made me his slave and put me into jail.
’Tis now five years that, in the prison kept, I’ve been removed from children, house, and home.
The king commanded he should be restored in comfort and in ease to what he’d owned.