The second victim makes (his) complaint.

The second person went before the king, and in an audience sought a (safe) retreat.
In audience with the king, protector kind, he called down many blessings (from above).
He said, I had a garden fresh with grass, to know which was as brightness (to the heart).
Like heaven’s plains ’twas verdant and wide-spread, its fruits formed on the branches screen on screen.
It gave me in the Autumn early Spring; ’twas left me a reminder of my sire.
One day, to my heart-felt and burning grief, that enemy unto my garden came.
I treated him as guest to fruit and wine, (with) treatment fitted to the service due*1931.
All that there was in garden and in house, to thank him (for his visit), I bestowed.
He ate and laughed, lay down and took his rest, and of the wine drank all that he desired.
When round the garden he had walked awhile, through love of it he wished to take the field*1932.
He said, (Come) (now), your garden sell to me, that I may make you prosperous in life*1933.
I said, This garden which is (as) my soul,—how should I sell it, for it has my love?
Branded is every person from some fire*1934:—I, hapless, have, except this garden, naught.
Consider that the garden’s always yours, that I to you am gardener, nay, slave.
Whenever you feel urged to visit it, eat fruit and drink wine by the water’s side.
And what may come from kitchen such as mine I’ll send by one with limbs like silver fair.
He said, Desist from this, urge no vain pleas; sell me the garden, and clear out (at once).
He strove much with contention, fuss, and noise; for force or gold I would not sell the place.
At last when he grew drunk with hate and spite, he brought against (your slave) a lying charge,
So that, as fine to him for that offence, he took away the garden from poor me.
And (then), that in the court where wrongs are heard I might not bring this wrong before the king,
With pain and suffering he imprisoned me: two years your humble (slave) has suffered this.
The king gave him a garden, fields as well: he gave a house and garden like Baghdād*1935.