Bahrām sits on the throne in his father’s place.

When with this happy-omened horoscope the king endowed with virtues took the throne,
Through all the rubies and the pearls poured out the ship, the throne, was filled up like the sea*835.
Treasure on treasure those who treasure had beyond all bounds and reckoning scattered it.
He who first had the throne of sovereignty; to whom paid homage citizens and troops,
Seeing the majesty of King Bahrām, through whom the crown and throne had gained renown,
He first of all the people, great and small, called him the king and sovereign of the earth.
The priests called him the ruler of the world, and kings entitled him lord paramount.
And so each one according to his power in public or in private offered praise.
When o’er the world the king became upraised—his exaltation higher than the sky’s—
He spoke upon the justice he designed; he strewed fresh pearls from balas rubies fresh*836.
He (thus) spoke, God has given me the crown—in me may (then) this gift of God he blest!
I offer praise and thanksgiving to God—He who confesses God—to him be praise!
I do not turn my back to God’s good gifts; I give thanks for his gifts—why should I not?
To bear the crown off from two lions’ jaws—I take this as from God, not from (my) sword.
Since I have reached the crown and lofty throne, I will do works of which God may approve.
I’ll act in such wise, if God (so) permit, that no one shall by me be vexed or harmed;
Except the man who evil practises: the highway robber, thief, or murderer.
O nobles of my court, be straight with me in conduct, even as my path is straight.
’Tis best you turn not to obliquity, (for) safety you will find in rectitude.
If you right action do not take in hand, how much wrong action will (from others) come*837!
When I have rested some few days the door of equity and justice I will open.
A fixed religious duty ’tis to me: (to give) for justice justice, wrong for wrong.
Of no man have I any fear or awe, except of that man who confesses God.
On no one do I make myself depend; (in all) do I depend on God alone.
I care for no one’s service saving such as is the service (too) of Him, (the Lord).
Whilst in its place the azure sky remains, may those who sleep beneath the ground be blest*838!
Let those who live have safety and good news from me beyond the bounds of black and white*839!
Be naught but praise and justice my affair! Be he not pleased who is not pleased with this!
When thus his (sense of) justice he had shown, whoever heard bowed down in thanks (to God).
He sat upon the throne an hour or two, and then withdrew thence into privacy.
Justice and equity his practice made; all men were pleased with him, and God content.
He held assemblies of men honoured most, and in the trusty did he place (his) trust.