(Translation and Commentary.)
Half Title Page
Title Page
Preface v
Introduction xiii
(Invocation to God) 1
In praise of the Lord of Envoys the seal of the Prophets 4
In description of the Ascension of his highness the chief of created beings 6
On the cause of writing the book 11
An apology for the writing of the book 14
In praise of the king ‘Alā’u’d-Dīn 15
A humble address 20
On the excellence of speech. Counsel to the people 24
Counsel to his son Muḥammad 33
Treats of the birth of Bahrām. The building of Khavarnaq 37
(Some) description of Khavarnaq. Nu‘mān gives up the sovereignty 44
The practice of hunting of Bahrām 48
Bahrām Gūr goes to the chase and kills a lion and an onager 50
Bahrām goes to the chase and kills a dragon 51
Bahrām finds the picture of the Seven (Fair) Faces in Khavarnaq 55
Yazdijard becomes acquainted with Bahrām’s state 58
The death of Yazdijard 59
(The Author) complains of himself and alludes to Firdausī 60
Bahrām Gūr goes to Persia and (finds) another occupying the throne 61
Bahrām Gūr’s answer to the letter of the Persians 66
The priest’s answer to King Bahrām 68
The answer of King Bahrām to the priest 69
How Bahrām seizes the crown from between two lions 73
Bahrām sits on the throne in his father’s place 75
Describes Bahrām Gūr in his sovereignty and the manner of his life 77
A famine in the world from drought 79
The story of Bahrām and the girl named Fitna of Chinese Turkistan 82
Bahrām goes to the chase, and the officer entertains him 88
The Khān of Khāns comes to fight against Bahrām Gūr 94
Bahrām Gūr rebukes the Persians 99
Description of Bahrām’s banquet in winter. The building of the Seven Domes 106
Description of the seven-domed palace of Bahrām Gūr and of the manner of his stay in each dome 113
Bahrām sits on Saturday in the Black Dome, and the daughter of the king of the First Clime tells him a story 114
Bahrām on Sunday sits in the Yellow Dome, and the daughter of the king of the Second Clime tells him a story 144
Bahrām on Monday sits in the Green Dome, and the daughter of the king of the Third Clime tells him a story 157
Bahrām sits on Tuesday in the Red Dome, and the daughter of the king of the Fourth Clime tells him a story 171
Bahrām sits on Wednesday in the Blue Dome, and the daughter of the king of the Fifth Clime tells him a story 188
Bahrām on Thursday sits in the Sandal-coloured Dome, and the daughter of the king of the Sixth Clime tells him a story 213
Bahrām sits on Friday in the White Dome, and the daughter of the king of the Seventh Clime tells him a story 234
Bahrām finds out about the tyrannical vazīr 251
The first victim complains of the tyrannical vazīr 263
The second victim makes (his) complaint 264
The third victim makes (his) complaint 266
The fourth victim makes (his) complaint 267
The fifth victim makes (his) complaint 268
The sixth victim makes (his) complaint 269
The seventh victim makes (his) complaint 271
The king punishes the tyrannical vazīr 273
The passing of Bahrām from the transitory temple by the decree of the All-wise King 275
Words in Conclusion 284
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