Title Page
Tale I. Of the Birth of Miemun; and of Khojisteh falling in love 10
II. The Fidelity of a Sentinel towards the King of Teberistan 25
III. The Goldsmith and the Carpenter; and the Theft and Concealment of the Golden Images 35
IV. The Nobleman, and the Soldier's Wife, whose Virtue he put to the proof 41
V. The Goldsmith, the Carpenter, the Taylor, and the Hermit, who quarrelled about a Wooden Woman 49
VI. The King of Kinoge and his Daughter, with whom a Dirveish became enamoured 54
VII. The Fowler, the Parrot, and her young ones, 58
VIII. The Merchant, and his Wife, who outwitted him 62
IX. The Shopkeeper's Wife, who, having an Amour with a Person, confounded her Father-in-law 65
X. The Merchant's Daughter and the Jackal 69
XI. The Lion, and the Brahmin, who, on account of his Avarice, lost his Life 73
XII. The old Lion, and the Cat, who, having killed the Mice, was turned out of office, 76
XIII. Of Shapoor, Commander of the Frogs, and the Snake 80
XIV. A Lion whom a Syagosh dispossessed of his Dwelling 84
XV. Zereer the Weaver, whom Fortune would not befriend 89
XVI. Four Rich Persons who became Poor 92
XVII. How the Jackal was made King, and then killed 95
XVIII. Of the Intimacy of Besheer with a Woman named Chundar 98
XIX. The Merchant, and how a Person's Mare was killed 102
XX. The Woman who by a Stratagem escaped out of the Lion's clutches 105
XXI. Of a King and his Sons, and of a Frog and a Snake 108
XXII. The Merchant whose Daughter was lost 113
XXIII. Of a Brahmin falling in love with the King of Babylon's Daughter 117
XXIV. How the Son of the King of Babylon fell in love with a young Woman 122
XXV. Of a Woman, who, having gone to buy Sugar, had an Amour with a Grocer 126
XXVI. The Merchant's Daughter, whom the King rejected 129
XXVII. The Potter, who is taken into the Service of a King, and made General of his Army 134
XXVIII. The Lion and his Whelps, and how he fostered a young Jackal 137
XXIX. The Nobleman who concealed a Snake in his Sleeve 140
XXX. The Soldier and the Goldsmith, the latter of whom lost his Life from the Love of Money 144
XXXI. Of the Merchant and the Barber's beating the Brahmins 148
XXXII. The Frog, the Bee, and the Bird, who killed the Elephant 151
XXXIII. The Emperor of China, in a Dream, falls in love with the Queen of Room 155
XXXIV. The Elk and the Ass, who are both taken prisoners 161
XXXV. A King falls in love.—Khojisteh is put to death by the hands of Miemun 164