When, in the beginning of the year 951 (A. D. 1544), on account of the unkindness of his brethren, Hoomayoon Badshah proceeded to Irak, then Meerza Kamran sent Shaikh Abdool Wuhab Pooranee, Meer Eelah Dost, and Baba Chochuk, on a mission to Meerza Shah Hoosain, making known his wish to form a connexion with his daughter. Shah Hoosain agreed to this, giving leave to the messengers to return.

When Hoomayoon returned from Irak to Kandahar, Meerza Uskuree retired to the fort, becoming submissive to the king, who then marched towards Kabool. Meerza Kamran stood up in enmity, but his chiefs deserting him, went over to the king. Thus his strength to fight left him, so turning the bridle of his intentions from war, he put his face in the direction of flight, and by the way of Herat he came to Sind. Hearing of this, Shah Hoosain made a place of residence for him at Pattur, sending Durwesh Mahomed in front, to meet and escort him. Arriving there, Kamran shook the cord of marriage. Shah Hoosain sent Meer Furookh to make the arrangements in this matter, and he gave in marriage to Meerza Kamran, Chochuk Begum, the chaste daughter of Meerza Shah Hoosain. Three months after his marriage, Kamran left Sind, proceeding towards Kabool, Shah Hoosain sending with him 1,000 well appointed horsemen, repairing and furnishing whatever was required by him. Meerza Kamran first went to Ghuznee, which he took; he then marched against Kabool, reaching and entering it without the knowledge of the garrison. At that time the king was away at Budukshan.

Six months afterwards, Shah Hoosain’s horsemen returned to Sind. Subsequently to this, the king with many men came back to Kabool, throwing his forces around it; at which Kamran becoming alarmed, he left it, going towards Hindoostan. He had an interview with Islam Shah Afghan, asking his aid; but he meant to seize him, hearing of which he fled, going to the men of Kokur, who protected him for a long time. At length, when the king heard that he was concocting mischief in his head, he had him caught, drawing a Mil (a wire instrument used to blind people) over his eyes.

In the year 957 (A. D. 1550), Meerza Kamran arrived at Bukkur. Shah Hoosain gave to him for a residence the small hill of Shad Beluh, which stands in the midst of the water, to the westward of Bukkur. He afterwards settled upon him for his house expenses the Purguna of Buthoruh, giving him Futeh Bagh for a residence. After remaining there some time, he left for Hujj (a pilgrimage to Mecca), and Chochuk Begum prepared to accompany him, sending to her father for his permission; but he made denial to this, enlarging upon it. Nevertheless, Chochuk Begum, without her father’s consent, went on board a boat, wishing to go alone to Meerza Kamran; but Sultan Mahomed Mohurdar, and others, coming in front, turned her back. At that time Shah Hoosain arriving, went on board her boat, reasoning much with her; but she was not affected by this, saying: “When Meerza Kamran had his eyes right, you gave me to him; now that he is blind, do you intend to separate me from him? The world will say the daughter of Meerza Shah Hoosain at such a time turned her head from associat­ing with her husband, and they will give me reproach!” The Meerza was pleased at this, and giving her valuable things, allowed her to depart.

Meerza Kamran and Chochuk Begum, after performing the pilgrim­age to Mecca and Medina, lived at the former place two or three years. One year, on the day of Hujj, after standing on Urfat (a mountain near Mecca), and before sunset, the sun of his life went into the corner of death. Seven months after his death, Chochuk Begum passed from this world to the world everlasting. This occurred in the year 964 (A. D. 1556).