When Bukshoo Lungah had built a fort in Mooltan opposite to Jun­poor, he caused the city of Mooltan to be deserted, gathering people of all descriptions in that fort, such as the men of Lungah, Beloochees, Nahurs, and all kinds of factious men were collected within his ring. Then, making up his mind to attack Bukkur, he was constantly sending spies there; so much so, that at length a succession of these arrived, bringing intelligence to him of the unprotected state of that fortress, and that Shah Hoosain was at Tatta, with all his nobles and troops. On hearing this, Bukshoo Lungah, placing his men on board boats, he started, sending fifty of these in advance, ordering them to arrive at Bukkur in the middle of the night, and by some device to convey themselves upon the walls, and, by breaking down the gates, to open a road for him to enter by. When these arrived at midnight of Friday at the foot of the fortress, they lighted a fire beneath the gate opposite Sukkur, and commenced shouting. The people in the fort, hearing this, were aroused, and mounting the towers and walls, commenced throwing stones and arrows. There were but few sepoys there. At this time the mother of Sultan Mahomed Khan, coming over the gateway, having had a large mat soaked in oil, cast it down upon the heads of the assailants, who by this were separated and broken. Meer Janee Turkhan, Humzuh Beg, and Kazee Eesa the son of Kazee Kazin, exerted themselves greatly, so much so, that some of their enemies were burnt, many drowned, and a few, throwing themselves into the boats, thus escaped. Early on the following morning, Bukshoo Lungah, with Nugarahs beating, approached, with the thought that his men had taken the fort; but when he drew near, and the garrison commenced firing cannon and guns upon him, he then knew that his people had not succeeded in their work, so he turned and landed near Roree, where he remained three days, looting the country of Bukkur, after which he retired. When Meerza Shah Hoosain received this news, he sent Shah Mahomed Urghoon, with Kazee Kazin, to take care of Bukkur. The above attack occurred on the night of the 14th Jumadee-oos-Sanee, 950 (A. D. 1543).