In the beginning of 928 (A. D. 1521), Shah Hoosain heard that the Duhurs and Machees of Oobawruh and Bhittee Wahun were always fighting with the Muhurs and other Ryuts of Matheluh. Upon this, he directed Baba Ahmed, the son of Meer Fazil Kookooltash, to take a force to punish them. Preparing his troops, he made forays upon Oobaw­ruhabad and Bhittee Wahun, looting both places. He then returned to the fort of Matheluh. The Duhurs then said to the Beloochees in the fort of Sewraee: “The Moguls have come upon us, taking our cattle and property; if you do not stretch forth your hands upon them, this will always be their road.” These Beloochees, then, collecting their men, went against the Muhurs; hearing of which, Baba Ahmed went in pursuit of, and came up to them close to Oobawruh, where a battle took place, in which the Beloochees were defeated, many of them fell, and some Duhurs being taken prisoners, were confined. Shah Hoosain afterwards sent another force as far as Koodhee and Darawur, who punished the Beloochees severely.

As Baba Ahmed was returning, he killed and confined many Machees of Oobawruh, severely twisting the ears of these last. This tribe then gave him a present, and one of their daughters; and having put that country to rights, he left some men there, and returned to Bukkur. During the inundations, the camels belonging to Shah Hoosain were sent to Matheluh to feed under Mahomed Furash, and the Duhurs and Muhurs were called upon to tend them. The Beloochees of Sewraee, and the Juts of Darawur and Futehpoor, hearing of this, assembled and looted the whole of them. The news of this reached Bukkur, when Baba Ahmed started with 300 horsemen. He reached Darawur with great speed, killing many of the people, and recovering the camels. When he arrived near Bhittee Wahun, the Beloochees of Sewraee and the Duhurs took possession of his road; there was a severe fight between them, when Baba was severely wounded. He withdrew from the field, and had nearly reached Matheluh, when he fell from his horse, and the bird of his life flew away from his body. When Abdool Futeh, the son of Meer Fazil, heard of the death of his brother, he was greatly afflicted, and dejected. He received permission from Shah Hoosain to go there, and he sent with him Meer Kasim Kubuk Posh, who was his father-in-law, that he might not rush headlong on the enemy. Abdool Futeh arrived, and sent the body of his brother to Bukkur; he himself waited there for an opportunity of revenge. One day he found this, falling upon Rahman Duhur’s host, many of whom he slew, pursuing them as far as Mow, dispersing the whole. Men then came between them, and peace was made, the border of Sind being extended to Bhittee Wahun, where Abdool Futeh remained some time. He placed near himself Meer Mahomed Kootee, the son of Baba Ahmed. One day the news reached him there, that the cattle of Oobawruh had been looted: he at once girded on his weapons, and went forth. At that time the hot winds were blowing, which entered his nature, so much so, that by the time he got home he was dead.

After these two deaths, in the year 930 (A. D. 1523), Shah Hoosain summoned all his Ameers to Bukkur, when he gave them orders to prepare every requisite for two years, to go against Mooltan.