When Jam Pheroz, having got together some 50,000 men, horse and foot came to Chachgan to fight, all the people in Tatta became much alarmed. Meer Mahomed Miskeen Turkhan, and other nobles, went to Shah Hoosain, telling him of these circumstances. He sent these back, appointing them to take care of Tatta, going himself to expel the enemy. Crossing the river, he made successive marches, and getting near the foe, he put his troops in order, and advanced against them. When the two armies came in sight of each other, the men of Jam Pheroz dis­mounted from their horses, and taking off their Pugrees from their heads, they tied themselves one to another by the corners of their waist-sheets. It is the custom of this Sind, that when the people make up their minds to die, they get off their horses, bare their heads, and tie themselves to one another with the ends of their sheets.

Shah Hoosain, seeing this, gave the congratulations of victory to his Sirdars, directing all his men to take their bows and arrows in their hands. He himself dismounted from his horse, and having performed the previous ablutions, said his prayers, making supplication for victory. The arrow of his prayer struck the target of consent. He then mounted his horse, and all his troops, drawing their swords, rushed upon the enemy. The fight lasted from morning till evening: 20,000 of the foe were slain. Jam Pheroz, with ill fortune, went to Guzerat, remaining there till he took his life to Paradise. Meerza Shah Hoosain remained three days on the field of battle, and such property as was found was divided amongst his soldiery. He showed great kindness to his Ameers.

From thence he returned to Tatta, with victory, remaining in Tughlugabad. Six months afterwards he left to go to Bukkur, by the way of Halakhundee. When he arrived opposite Sehwistan, the Sirdars then brought presents, offering their congratulations on his victory. The Arbabs and Zemindars of that country also came, and having offered their congratulations, they received permission to return. The men of Suhtuh and Doorbeluh also arrived to make their Salaam. This last place he gave to Meer Furookh, and hunting on the way, he arrived at Baburloe, which is 3 kos from Bukkur, where the nobles and men of consequence, coming in front, met him. He spoke with great kindness to the men of Bukkur, making them presents. During this year Shaikh Meeruk Pooranee came from Kandahar to Sind. The following year Shah Kootb-ood-deen, a descendant of Shah Tuyub, arrived at Bukkur from Herat. He had an interview with Meerza Shah Hoosain.