Syud Mahomed was the son of Meer Syud Hoosain Zunjeer Rai. From infancy he ran in the direction of the ways of abstinence; he brought himself to a very high degree. He spread the carpet of the ways of God, to show them to the people. He quenched the thirst of the jungle of desire from the fountain of the knowledge of God. His miracles are beyond the geometrician of knowledge, who cannot encom­pass them. I mention a few of them.

This is the reason why he is called Syud Shere Kulundur, because he changed his appearance to that of a tiger, in this way:—

When his miracles became well known, the men of Kandahar, Bulookat, and Huzarah, became his disciples, giving him offerings and presents. At that time one Syud Kushnuh spoke against him before Meer Zoonoon, who became so angry with him, that he sent a man to call him. Meer Syud Mahomed, coming from Uskulchuk, met Meer Zoonoon in the Jamin Musjid on Friday. On going away, Meer Zoo­noon ordered him to be confined. Those who received this order placed him in an empty house, where many took care of his safety. Meer Zoonoon, on reaching home, became vexed at having acted as he had done, and sent trays of food to him. When the bearer of these reached the house, they found a tiger, which was rolling on a woollen cloth, seeing which they came to Zoonoon, telling him. He said they were afraid, and sent two of his attendants. These going, saw the same, and returning, told Zoonoon; who then, taking his children, went there, and saw it with his own eyes. He then begged for forgiveness of his fault, and was very submissive, when this tiger changed its appearance, and Zoonoon gave him leave to depart.

It is said that Sultan Ali Korjee, who was also called Lug Dug, was opposed to Syud Mahomed. One day, for the sake of examining his miracles, he went to the Syud, sitting down like one without respect, when the Syud looked towards him with earnestness, upon which Sultan Ali arose, tearing his clothes. He shaved his beard and head, going about naked for some days. His sister Beejuh Junnut and her husband went to the Syud, asking his forgiveness of Sultan Ali, when he gave them the water which remained after performing his ablutions previous to prayer, for him to drink. On drinking this, he became as before, and a disciple of his. As long as he lived he brought firewood on his head for his kitchen. Sultan Ali says, that one very cold night Meer Syud Shere went out for exercise with his disciple; that he slept an hour, when he had a dream. Awaking at the time, he told Sultan Ali that such had happened to him, and to take off his clothes. Meer Syud then placed a cloth around him, and breaking the ice on the water, he went into the canal. At this time, says Sultan, “I was shivering all over, when the Syud said to me— ‘What, are you cold? Come and behold the secrets of the men of God!’ So I arose, and went to him, when I found the water so warm, that my body ceased to shiver, and getting out, I did not find it cold.” One day, this Syud went to the village of Sofaidruwan, where the air was warm. Khwaja Shuhub-ood-deen Sofaidruwanee, who was one of his disciples, says that on account of the heat he went forward to meet him, requesting him to come to his garden for an hour: the Syud, agreeing to what he said, Khwaja went in advance, to prepare a place for him near a water reservoir. He says: “On account of the smallness of the doorway, I proposed tying his horse under a tree outside; when I saw him entering on horseback. At this I was much astonished. How had he come in on his horse, through so small a gateway? The Syud said— ‘It is nothing at all; there is no occasion for surprise!’ I offered to bring him any fruit that he might choose. (I had, previously to his arrival, in the morning selected, and placed in a corner, two baskets full of fruit, to send to the ministers.) The Syud said— ‘Oh Shuhub-ood-deen, bring to me those two baskets of fruit which you picked in the morning to send somewhere, and send others there!’ Much wonder came upon me, and in just faith I kissed his hands and feet.” Meer Syud Shere came from Dawur to the village of Sarbangilla, where his disciples went into the houses of the Ryuts, wishing to remain there till the afternoon. These not allowing them to do so, it was made known to the Syud, who said: “Go from out of this village, for it will burn.” When they had gone outside, this village was burned. He found death during the days of Washoora 933 (A. D. 1526). His tomb is at Uskulchuk, 10 kos to the west of Kandahar, the people of which and Dawur make pilgrimage to it, bringing offerings and presents for his descendants, giving goats and ewes for the kitchen; and all Fakeers and travellers receive food there. The people of Kandahar, Huzarah, and Bulookat, are his disciples. The entrance to his tomb is never empty; it is always filled with people.