The decree— “Upon every one death will come!” (Koran) is approaching all; and the decree— “All that breathe are the drinkers of the sherbet of death!” (Koran) is coming down on each.

When Shah Beg had set his mind at ease with respect to the affairs of Bukkur and Sehwistan, he proposed to take Guzerat. After leaving Bukkur, the news reached him that Babur Badshah had arrived at Bheeruh, and Khooshab, and that he intended to take Hindoostan. Shah Beg, on hearing this, said to those at the assembly: “Babur Badshah will not even permit me to remain in Sind. Some day he will take this country from me, or from my descendants: it is fit for me to go away to some other place.” When this care fell upon him, some disease was bad within him: such medicines as were given made no impression upon him, and he made the journey to that world before reaching Guzerat. It is written, that when near death, he called Hafiz Mahomed Shureef, saying to him— “Read a chapter of the Yaseen.” When Hafiz came to “It is not proper for me that I should not read prayers to Him who created me, to whom we all shall go,” Shah Beg became revived, saying— “Oh special reader of the Koran, read that over again!” Hafiz did so, and when he came to “Said it would be good if my people knew what kindness God shows to me,” he (Shah Beg) made over his life to God. This occurred on the 22nd of Shaban, 928 (A. D. 1522). On that night the Ameers and all the men of consequence agreed to obey the orders of Meerza Shah Hoosain, as they had those of his father. Shah Hoosain and his friends performed all the customs of mourning, and took his corpse to Bukkur. Three years afterwards his coffin was taken to Mecca, where it was placed in the Monulla, and a tomb was built over him. After the death of Shah Beg, the news arrived, that on hearing of it Jam Pheroz was very happy, beating Nugarahs. When Shah Hoosain heard this, great perspiration of enmity came upon him, and the fire of anger became lighted in his body. The Ameers did not think it right to go to Guzerat then, and the standard of taking Jam Pheroz out by the roots, and of conquering Tatta, was raised on high.