After the death of Meer Zoonoon, these two brothers united at Kandahar, performing properly all the forms of lamentation. At this assembly Mahomed Mokeem, with all the Sirdars and troops, agreed to accept Shah Beg for the Sirdaree. On that day, in the afternoon, Shah Beg ordered the Nobuts and Nugarahs to be beaten as formerly, and he confirmed in their situations all who held office under Meer Zoonoon. He did not oppose any, therefore all were happy to remain in his service. Shah Beg had given the ornaments of knowledge and respect to the commencement of his manhood. He found a great share of wisdom, always associating with men of learning. When Mahomed Khan had taken Khorasan, he went to Furat. From thence, proposing to take Kandahar, he turned the bridle of his intention that way. When he reached Gurmsere, Shah Beg and Mahomed Mokeem sent ambassadors to him, saying they would obey his orders; the sermon and coinage were altered to the name of Mahomed Khan Shaibanee; and they proposed receiving the honour of making their Salaam to him.

Mahomed Khan, being pleased with them, returned to Khorasan, sending three horses, a handsome Khilat, and a tent, in charge of Abool Hadee and Khwaja Taimoor Tash. Shah Beg hearing of the approach of these, thought, by two coming, that it would be for two matters: either that they were to make a treaty, or else that they wished to see the extent of the city and his troops. At that time he sent men in all directions to collect his people, and taking many men, he went forth in front to meet them. He remained with them three days outside the city, and having pleased them, gave them their leave.

During 913 (A. D. 1507), Mahomed Babur Badshah, raising on high the standard of departure to take Kandahar and Dawur, left Kabool and Ghuznee with many victorious troops. Shah Beg and Mahomed Mokeem went out to meet, and fought with him on a field of battle. After many men had been slain, the breeze of victory struck the tassels of the banners of Mahomed Babur, and Shah Beg and his brother fled. All the countries of Kandahar and Dawur came into the hands of Babur, who took all the treasure which Zoonoon had collected with so much labour, dividing it amongst his soldiery. Appointing his brother Sultan Nasir-ood-deen Meerza Governor of Kandahar, he himself returned to Kabool, taking with him Mah Begum, the daughter of Mahomed Mokeem. Some months after this, Shah Beg and his brother, with a numerous force, full of bravery, came upon Kandahar, freeing that country from Nasir-ood-deen, who retreated to Kabool. Shah Beg and Mahomed Mokeem turned their hearts to putting to rights the arrangements of the country.

At that time the angel of death came upon Mahomed Mokeem, who passed from this to that world. Afterwards Mahomed Babur married Mah Begum to Kasim Kokuh, agreeably to the rules and forms of Mahomed. After a space of time, she bore a daughter, to whom was given the name of Naheed Begum. Kasim Kokuh was afterwards killed, fighting against the Oozbuks.